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How do you define Strength?

I like the third definition of strength listed in Wikipedia…the capacity to resist strain or stress; durability. Strength meant one thing in my 20s and 30s, but quite another in my 60s. Now my definition of strength has more to do with durability; can I come back for another day of skiing, hiking, biking or…

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Top 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Sicker!

My last post included the top 10 tips to avoid getting sick…but what should you do when/if you succumb to the latest cold, flu or Covid virus? Consider the following. First and foremost, never underestimate the power of rest.  Not only will you avoid exposing more innocent people by refraining from going in to…

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Top 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

Some of these tips will be familiar; some you’ve never heard of before.  As always, if you have concerns specific to you, seek guidance from your HCP (health care provider). 1. Probiotics in pill form are popular, but I prefer… including fermented foods and beverages that contain probiotics and prebiotics. This is an easy…

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Oregon Grape Root Benefits

The indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest used Oregon grape root to treat skin and gastrointestinal ailments, as well as to help lower fever and fight infection. Sounds like a great tincture to have on hand as we move into fall! It’s the root bark used for medicine, since it is high in berberine.…

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No Such Thing as a Healthy Snack

When I read about what snacking does to our blood sugar in Cate Shanahan, MD’s book, Deep Nutrition, it made perfect sense to me. Since we have such ubiquitous access to food, it’s easy to grab a few crackers or cookies to ‘tide you over’ until the next meal–and wreak havok on keeping blood…

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Essentrics® with Susan Privates Plus

Many of us have been challenged to remain active this year, and more than ever…I see the benefits from a daily Essentrics workout, along with walking and other outdoor activities. It’s been 10 months of … craziness and confinement, in varying degrees.  I’m so glad restaurants in Steamboat Springs can be open for business…

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Screen Time

Remember the days–about a month ago–when we all expressed a desire to cut back on our screen time?? I haven’t changed my mind about that, but I have been sucked into the vortex of coronavirus news, zoom meetings and more social media time that I would like.  Out of desperation. I still have concerns…

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Take a Vacation from Time

Seventeen days and counting of wise isolation, and though I keep looking for the silver linings, I found myself feeling guilty that I wasn’t accomplishing more. How could I ‘waste’ this ‘extra time’? I’ve observed many of my esteemed Essentrics® colleagues figure out new technology to teach ‘live’ classes online, and others sew awesome…

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Susan has been a certified yoga instructor since 2000 and has been teaching students of all ages and skill levels ever since. In 2012, Susan became certified to teach Essentrics classes. Essentrics helps to strengthen your muscles by lengthening them through a combination of tai chi, yoga and ballet movements.

Have you heard of Classical Stretch, a very popular TV show with Miranda Esmonde-White, showing on PBS for the past 15 years? Essentrics is the same thing, offered in one-hour live classes right here in Steamboat Springs!

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