Number One Predictor of Heart Disease

What Is the Number One Predictor of Heart Disease?
(according to JAMA):

Whether or not you exercise on a regular basis.

An article in JAMA (Journal for the American Medical Association) states that regular exercise is a higher predictorEssencircs Classes

than smoking or diet. This provides one more reason to move every muscle, every day possible with Essentrics® .

There is so much emphasis on doing “cardio” in your workouts, but what you really want is a cardiovascular workout that involves the whole body–including heart rate elevation and working your vascular system. Often referred to as the “secondary heart muscle”, your calves have more blood vessels than other areas of the body, so when you strengthen them with Essentrics® calf raises, they put the vascular in cardiovascular. And there is a nice side effect; slimmer, more shapely lower legs which easily allow the zipper of your saucy winter boots to slide right up. 🙂

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