Speaker Susan E. Mead

Guiding and supporting people through their journey to take back their body inspired Susan to reach an even broader audience not just through written words, but verbal as well. Susan has been a featured speaker at various conferences and training throughout the U.S. Her satisfied clients include Eastman Kodak, Hewlett-Packard, ICI Chemicals of England, Teledyne-Waterpik, Woodward Governor, Colorado Special Districts Association, The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Bud Werner Memorial Library and Journey Conference for Young Women. Read what some of these clients had to say on the Testimonials page!

Due to her many other commitments, Susan is most open to short-term or last-minute speaking opportunities. Please contact us to inquire about a customized speaking presentation for your group.

Speaker Susan E Mead

Keynote For Your Next Event

Essentrics Instructor Susan MeadIf you are looking for a speaker who is not only fun, but has a timely message that audiences are hungry for, look no further!

Susan’s comfort in the business world puts mainstream attendees at ease while learning what they really want to know about herbs, healthier food that tastes good, and fun physical activity. Increase productivity and the bottom line by having Susan share Grandmother’s common-sense for the 21st century. Your attendees will have fun while learning simple ways to improve their health for a fraction of the cost of drugs and surgery.

Susan’s speaking topics change to stay current with the latest in health care, and each program is tailored to her audience.

  • Food As Medicine and Uncommon Sense Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month
  • Menopause Magic—Revealed
  • Healthy Heart Habits For a Fraction of the Cost of Statins

After only 30 minutes, attendees say:

“Susan’s simple tips will definitely help me spend less time on health care and more time on self-care–for a lot less money. I can’t wait to get started on her suggestions!”

“I’m thrilled to know about nettle tea which can replace a handful of questionable supplements at a fraction of the cost while improving both my sleep and sex life.”

“I loved how Susan makes it easier to de-stress; I never would have thought I could use my time in the car to relax, rather than stress about time.”

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