Read what Susan's clients have to say about her Essentrics classes, Health Coaching, Take Back Your Body book, and Public Speaking Engagements.

Essentrics Testimonials


Amy CharityEssentrics is beneficial for any athlete and has worked particularly well for me as a cyclist.  I find the focus on stretching through flow is a great way to prepare for, or end, a long day on the bike.  The strengthening aspect reinforces core and upper body strength.  I always leave class feeling that I've opened my hips and my shoulders, loosened my quads and hamstrings and generally feel more relaxed.  Susan does a great job of tailoring every session to meet the needs of her students and offers a personal touch to each class.

- Amy Charity, Pro Cyclist from Steamboat Springs, CO

Essentrics is one of the most effective healing tools I have ever come across. It has helped me so much with my posture and back/neck pain.  Susan's class is a great time and I always look forward to going.

-Lindsay Balgooyen, Conscious Breathwork Facilitator

I joined Susan's Essentrics class when she began teaching it last year and I enjoy attending regularly.  Susan is passionate about Essentrics, gives everyone a warm welcome, explains all the exercises clearly and makes the class fun.  It provides a complete workout with a mix of warm-up, toning, and stretching exercises, and I like the concepts of lengthening muscles and opening up joints.  I believe the exercises can be part of a lifelong program for health and well-being.  I highly recommend Susan's class!

-Marie Matta, Steamboat Springs, CO

Health Coaching Testimonials


Thank you so much for your thorough and patient assessment of my health needs.  The herbs I have been taking for over a year have made a very positive difference for me.

I find that if I skip more than a few days my menstrual cycle issues return.  I spoke with my doctor about herbs and she said that she highly recommended them, but that one should not expect results in less than 3 months.

I saw results much sooner than that.  With herbs, a few vitamin supplements, exercise and sensible diet most of the time) my middle age wisdom has room to surface. I really appreciate your help and would highly recommend your service. Even if people don't end up taking herbs, your analysis and recommendations are very helpful.

-Pam Turner, Fort Collins, CO

Desperate. That's the only word that describes my state of mind when I first became Susan Mead's patient in early 1998. Inexplicably, I had dropped more than 30 pounds and was shedding hair as well. I had also developed severe fibromyalgia.

Susan took a holistic and human approach to my care. She comprehensively assessed not only my obvious health issues but my stress levels and diet, as well. With her support and guidance, I learned that I had serious food allergies that were contributing to my weight loss and hair loss. Nearly three years later, I have regained my weight and my hair - albeit it grayer! I feel blessed to have found such an insightful and skilled health-care practitioner.

- Virginia Mohr-Callahan, Fort Collins, CO

I came to Susan Mead about two years ago. I had trouble with menopause, fibromyalgia, and poor liver functions left me feeling very low. Susan has helped me with herbs, nutrition suggestions, and recommendations for helpful readings.

I am feeling much better, my liver function studies are normal, menopause is causing very little trouble, and my fibromyalgia seems better with reduced symptoms and no side effects. I have sent both of my young adult children, ages 20 and 23, to Susan and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better, in more control of their life and health to seek Susan's advice and care. It is the best present you could give yourself.

- Jeanette Boissy, Fort Collins, CO

Every spring I have a throat that decides to go hoarse and a cough that comes along with it.  No one could seem to get to the bottom of it!  Then came Susan, WOW she gave me some magic potion herbs and I was back to normal.  I have also used her services for energy building and muscle soreness after a car wreck.  I highly recommend her.  She delivers success naturally!

-Tami Spaulding, Fort Collins, CO

My doctor told me that a hysterectomy was the only way to resolve my excessive bleeding from menopausal fibroids. However, I sought an alternative before taking such a drastic measure.  Both my doctor and I were amazed when the herbs Susan Mead prepared for me had my bleeding completely under control within just 24 hours!

-Pam Berry, Fort Collins, CO

Feedback on Susan’s book, Take Back Your Body


I received your book in Friday's mail, and I spent any free time over the weekend and Monday studying it.  I absolutely love it and appreciate the common sense approach you offer.  I started the smoothies yesterday and love them!  Thank you so much for helping me and my family save money and feel better!

-Sheila Goode, Des Moines, IA

Dear Susan, I started having frequent hot flashes about 3 months ago (2-3/hour, 24 hours/day) and was miserable. Losing sleep and exhausted. Cutting caffeine and spicy foods and black cohosh did nothing. I saw your clip on UTube and tried the nettle leaf tea. By the next day, I had 5 hot flashes. By the day after that, I had none and have not had one hot flash since. I drink only one cup per day! Thank you SO MUCH for giving my life back! I have ordered your book and look forward to reading it. God bless you for sharing your knowledge with others.

-Gloria Moran, Norman, OK

Prepare to be blasted, educated with ‘a-ha-moments’ in Take Back Your Body.  Mead is highly qualified to rescue us with this aid to regain control of our own healthcare…Mead’s writing style is conversational.   You will swear you are talking with her over a cup of tea, herbal, of course.  The index will lead you to the information in your area of concern—however, do read the majority of the book for the purpose of enlightenment she will give you.  Take back your body from pharmaceutical companies, overworked physicians, the food industry, the media and from health insurance companies.  Read it, gift it, refer to it often and we will all be the better for it!

-Nancy Hansford, Fort Collins, CO

As seen in her 1/11/09 review in the Fort Collins Coloradoan:
Take Back Your Body is loaded with accurate, actionable information that will help anyone grab the reins of their own healthcare for the better!!

-Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Your book Take Back Your Body is AWESOME!!!
Loving it!
It is so usable. Refreshing!
So you! Authentic!!!
Women everywhere, and of all ages, will benefit from it!  -Marsha Sage, Fort Collins, CO

Congratulations on your fabulous new book, Take Back Your Body! I picked up a lot of new information, and thought you had a practical and helpful twist on the reminders you offer about what we already know–but often feel too overwhelmed to do for ourselves.  The best part was learning how funny you can be as a writer; it felt like we were just chatting over a cup of tea while you offered your snippets of wisdom.

Every part of your book spoke to me.  Thanks for being so authentic and honest while providing simple and inexpensive ways for us to heal.  You are truly an amazing woman.  I'm glad our paths have crossed.

-Lauri Pointer
HTCP Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Health Instructor, Fort Collins, CO

Thanks for your great book, Susan.  It is full of good practical advice.  I thought the info on NNT (Number Needed to Treat) was amazing!  Keep up the good work and keep on the trail.

-Doug Elliott, Herbalist

Susan, I’ve been loving your book–thank you so much for simplifying health care, and making everything easier to accomplish that I’ve know for years I should be doing–well done!  I also want you to know that your presentation to the Colorado Group Insurance Association was incredibly well-received;  I’ve had several people say you were the best speaker we’ve ever had–fun, funny, down-to-earth, and full of great ideas to get healthy on a budget.  Thank you so much for all you do to keep busy Americans from giving up on a healthier lifestyle.

-Sheryl Briles-Thomson, Wellpoint, Inc., Anthem Blue Cross Insurance

Take Back Your Body is a terrific collection of your wisdom shared with all of us!  Thank you.  I appreciate your pithy, punchy, provocative style that keeps my attention while the timely tips keep coming!  For some reason today I really resonated with not needing to wash and clean so much.  That is a time saver and helps all of us be more present and less perfectionistic. Take Back Your Body will now join Anatomy of the Spirit and Dr. Oz’s Owners Manual as a consistent reference for staying healthy. 

- Johnna Bavoso

My daughter Darbi gave me your book for Christmas.  It is wonderful.  I couldn’t put it down.  You have simplified everything my mother tried to drill into our heads for years.  I guess sometimes it’s easier to listen to someone else.  I would like to receive your newsletter.  I even got a three ring binder to put them in.  I would be honored if you used my email as a quote. Thank you for a better life.

-Vickie Dean

Feedback on Susan’s Public Speaking


Smart, sassy and entertaining - Susan is delightful, and everything you could ask for in a speaker. Drawing from her remarkable book, Susan's herbal medicine advice truly enriched the community's knowledge base, while her personal stories engaged absolutely everyone. The hands-on tea tasting put her over the top.

Jennie Lay, Adult Programs Coordinator Bud Werner Memorial Library, Steamboat Springs, CO

When we originally booked Susan Mead to be a speaker for our conference attended by high school girls, I knew she was a good speaker, but was amazed at how well she could relate to any age group. Even though our conference was presented to 16- and 17-year-olds, the principals, and teachers present raved about her just as much as the girls.  One thing that truly impressed our participants was her ability to shift her own planned topics to include items which the girls expressed an interest in; very accommodating.

Susan’s energy and enthusiasm for creating a simpler path to health was just the spark many of us need to make better choices.  I overheard many of the participants say things like “inspiring and empowering”, “very fun in addition to incredibly knowledgeable”, “straight up information”, “Susan was so real”, “fun and funny while educational”, “helpful information on touchy subjects”, “a terrific program that can really influence a lot of people”, “open to everything”, “candid and unembarrassed about all questions.”

-Marsha Kaplan, Speakers Bureau Chairperson Journey: A Young Women's Conference, Fort Collins, CO

We threw Susan Mead into a fire of hardened, middle-aged guys with a variety of agendas.  I was amazed at the turnaround she was able to create for our group of top-level EPA executives.  Susan not only conveyed great information that’s highly usable but lighted the fire in us to make it happen.

Cheryl F. Adelman, Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C.

Susan Mead was a co-presenter on several occasions when The Women’s Clinic offered a Menopause workshop in our community.  In addition to providing the latest research on HRT choices, we wanted our patients to have knowledge of accurate and helpful alternatives to support their hormonal changes. Susan not only provided solid information regarding herbal medicine choices but also helped our attendees learn how to make healthier choices with food and exercise.  Her presentations are well-researched, packed with helpful tips and entertaining.

One of the things that made Susan’s suggestions unique was her ability to help women integrate simple methods that require very little additional time—so important for busy Americans.  Our attendees left with specific actions they could implement quickly and inexpensively.

Although Susan is passionate regarding offering alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery, I experience her as respectful to physicians and easy to work with when we have mutual patients.  She embraces the concept of truly integrated medicine for the best interest of our patients.  When we consider a future workshop on women’s health issues, I hope to include Susan as a co-facilitator.

- Sue Kozak, M.D., The Women’s Clinic, Fort Collins, CO

Susan, thank you again for speaking at our monthly meeting this morning.  We have already received so much positive feedback on your presentation.  People keep talking about your energy and how enthusiastic you were about wellness.  There was a buzz after the meeting that we haven't seen in quite a while.  If you need anything from me or Colorado Group Insurance Association, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Todd C. Krapf, President, CGIA, Denver, CO

Susan, you are soooo engaging and charismatic; you have such passion, and you are so skilled.  I not only picked up some great health care tips, but thought you did such as professional job--while still making it fun!

-Brad Montgomery, National Speakers Association, Denver, CO

Thank you, Susan, for your great presentation to our group!  The verbal feedback that I have received has been excellent and the audience felt that your program was informative and full of energy.  The board was very happy and I received many "thanks" and "good job" on picking the speaker.  Please let me know when you might be able to come back again.  It's clear that you make your presentation fresh everytime to keep us posted on the latest in health care.

-Sheryl Briles-Thomson, Wellpoint, Inc., American Blue Cross Insurance, Denver, CO

Susan displayed an exemplary talent for capturing and entertaining the audience, but more importantly, provided extremely valuable information that could be taken back to the work environment and utilized immediately.  One of the best I've ever seen.

Linda M. Snow, Public Relations Director, Affiliated National Bank, Fort Collins, CO