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Take Back Your Body

Using Time-Tested Health Tips and Uncommon Sense

by Susan E. Mead, H.M.

Helping people heal themselves since 1996

Take Back Your Body Cover

In her first book, Susan Mead dishes on effective and cost-saving ways to stay healthy.  Take Back Your Body is loaded with practical health care ideas offered up in small bites of 500 words or less--about what you can read while sitting on the throne or waiting to pick up a child after soccer practice.

Billions of dollars are spent each year by women and men seeking alternatives to expensive pharmaceuticals with negative side effects.  With this book, the answers are at your fingertips--and the solution is often in your kitchen cupboard.

Order a copy today and learn how to Take Back Your Body:

  • From Pharmaceutical Companies more interested in profits than healing.
  • From the Health Care Industry which seems to be more interested in curing (which is often very expensive) than prevention (which is often free).
  • From overworked physicians who often rely on bulleted brochures from the drug companies as their only continuing education.
  • From the Food Industry which is allowed by the FDA to include legal poisons in pre-packaged food.
  • From the Media which rarely mentions who paid for, and possibly prejudiced, the latest study.
  • From Health Insurance companies who can bankrupt you by denying claims after you’ve paid premiums for decades.
  • From a culture too dependent on testing and technology to pay attention to Grandma’s uncommon common sense.

Read what others are saying about Take Back Your Body.  You rarely need drugs, gimmicks, or expensive medical treatments to heal your body.  In this book, Susan guides you through releasing extra weight, lowering blood pressure, mitigating hot flashes, lessening allergy symptoms, reducing the need for antibiotics, listening to your body, and much more! Order your copy today and start saving on health care.  Your body will thank you!

Take Back Your Body is loaded with accurate, actionable information that will help anyone grab the reins of their own healthcare for the better!!

- Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

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Take Back Your Body Cover

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