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Immune Tips for Winter

It’s barely November! But given that many of us have had Winter hit early with below-zero temperatures and many inches of snow, let’s get after my Winter Immune Tips, aka What to do when you’re coming down with something: Most of us have a symptom that lets us know we are likely coming down with…

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Immune Tips for Fall

Immune Support Reminders Get More Sleep; Eat Fewer Carbs  I learned a lot from LIghts Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival by T.S. Wiley a few years ago, including the fact that our bodies seek alignment with nature and the changing seasons.  To minimize winter weight gain and light-related depression, this is the time of year…

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Sweet Cravings Solutions

First and foremost, let go of the guilt! It’s completely natural to want something sweet at times, given that your very first food (mother’s milk) is incredibly sweet.  However…as fall approaches, this is the time of year to limit summertime carbs and start getting more sleep as the days grow shorter. When you start those…

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Healthy Bones: Fact and Fiction

Forget Osteoporosis… Instead, focus on bone health. One of my favorite mentors, Susun Weed,  suggests we rid ourselves of the emphasis on disease and focus on the nourishment of  the whole body, the whole person.   “Focus on the patient, not the problem.” Should you take calcium supplements? ? Fosamax,? HRT ?(Hormone Replacement Therapy)  Can…

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Fascia Fundamentals

Connective Tissue is a broad term that includes ligaments, tendons and…fascia. Let’s start with a definition: Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin, that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs.  When healthy, two-thirds of fascia consists of water, allowing muscles to glide and contract…

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The Benefits of Bare Feet

From the energetic to the practical, there are many reasons to go without shoes each day–especially when you practice Essentrics.  Since any body movement depends on a strong foundation, being barefoot is essential for the best alignment of your foot, which then allows the rest of your body to align properly while moving into and…

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Spring Foraging

It’s my preference to eat produce out of my garden and from the farmer’s market when in season (other than fermented foods), so that means relying on lots of root veggies, in the winter. Although cooked kale and collard greens are perfect for a shot of greens in winter, early spring is time for foraging…

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The Purpose of Beauty

My studies of Weston A. Price and his work with native people taught me a little about the genetic reasons why most people are attracted to others we would refer to as physically beautiful. Genetic traits such as perfectly-spaced eyes, a wide brow and uncrowded teeth are indicators of healthy genes, which will help produce…

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Immune-Boosting Do’s and Don’ts

Today’s Blizzard forecast is prompting these reminders to stay healthy this winter: Immune Support Do’s Move your body often, including 23-minutes or more of daily Essentrics®. Wifi streaming, DVD’s, free episodes of Classical Stretch on PBS an dlive classes give you options.           More Sleep; Fewer Carbs  Our bodies seek alignment…

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