December Daze

How do you feel at this point in December? Relieved? Exhausted? A bit depressed due to another New Year’s Eve alone or with way too many “over-imbibed” people? Time for serious self-care.

I have no complaints about spending the first 8 days of December in Jamaica JamaicaHeadstand
for more Essentrics training (a retreat for some, training for me), and I did feel like I was working to catch up the rest of the month. But since my latest newsletter is about patience and its health benefits, I choose to view this time of year as a grand lesson in living in the moment. That’s why I chose now@ for an email address.

When I remember to HALT, I’m much more likely to be in the moment which makes all things in life better–or at least gentler!


When I am Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired (or any combination thereof), it’s time to address my own basic needs.  Time to treat myself to a bit of time to put myself first.

Get creative this New Year; consider writing down all of the things that were painful or disappointing this past year and then burning it on New Year’s Eve as a way to let go.  I love starting the New Year with a written gratitude list of all the blessings I experienced the past year.  I used to do a lot of “goal-setting” in my past, but a number of years ago I shifted to intentions.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the passage of time, I wish you much peace and prosperity in the New Year!