Essentrics® with Susan Privates Plus

Many of us have been challenged to remain active this year, and more than ever…I see the benefits from a daily Essentrics workout, along with walking and other outdoor activities.

It’s been 10 months of … craziness and confinement, in varying degrees.  I’m so glad restaurants in Steamboat Springs can be open for business again and yet, there are still many restrictions.  So…

I’ve decided to shift gears a little to be responsive to requests for private Essentrics classes, not just to minimize exposure to other people but help individuals, couples and families get specific feedback for each person’s physical challenges and/or goals.  In this way,  you can ramp up how much you get out of each Essentrics or Classical Stretch episode you do on your own, and often improve other activities and sports.

In addition to Essentrics specifics to improve every workout, your first private includes a signed copy of my book, Take Back Your Body, which offers simple tips on using herbs and food as medicine; a handout on the latest nutrition research and guidelines; and great information on replacing 14 expensive supplements with a simple herbal infusion which costs you only 25 cents/day. Each session offers encouragement, support and incentive to stay regular with your workouts.–while learning how the tiniest adjustments can help you feel the difference immediately!

Fees for First-Time Privates is $160 plus $20 for each additional person

Fees for Additional Privates is $120 plus $20 for each additional person

Fees for small group classes are $15/class.

I continue to remain open-minded to trades, especially for those who are financially challenged and always available for suggestions via email at

Many Blessings for a New Year of Peace and Prosperity. Keep Moving!