Immune Tips for Winter

It’s barely November!

But given that many of us have had Winter hit early with below-zero temperatures and many inches of snow, let’s get after my Winter Immune Tips, aka

What to do when you’re coming down with something:

Most of us have a symptom that lets us know we are likely coming down with a bacteria or virus; for me, it’s either a headache or sore throat. That’s the time to kick it in gear with Winter Immune Tips:

  • STOP whatever you’re doing to review your calendar, strongly considering cancelling any meeting in the next 24 hours than can wait. This will give you the freedom to pursue the other important tips–and prevent exposing other people.
  • Start taking 5-10 drops of echinacea root tincture every 30-60 minutes, a gentle way to boost your immune system (and be sure you’re not ingesting sugar which blows your immune function)
  • Attend to anything *critical* to accomplish that day/evening and if you don’t already have fresh ginger root on hand (or like me, a root in the freezer), ask a family member of friend to pick one up for you
  • Email your boss or first appointment that you need to postpone so that after your ginger bath (instructions to come), you can stay warm and immediately go to bed with the knowledge there is no need for alarm or rush in the morning.
  • Heat water to pour over 1 T. grated ginger in a teapot and add a little honey if desired for flavor.
  • While steeping your ginger tea, draw a bath as hot as you can stand.  Finish brushing your teeth and any other night-time routine. Have your towel and robe handy and get in that hot bath, preferably with candles and gratitude.
  • While soaking in thehot bath, drink the ginger tea and start feeling the diaphoretic action of the tea to “burn off” the virus or bacteria which happen to be very temperature-sensitive.  This means you will be aware of sweating, big time.  That’s good. When you’ve finished the tea and/or the bath is starting to cool, gently get out, towel off immediately and wear your bathrobe to stay warm on your way to bed.
  • SLEEP as long as possible, filling your mind with grateful thoughts if you awake before morning.
  • Take it easy for 24 hours and when low appetite, only ingest quality bone broth (preferably homemade) with a dash of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This will keep you strong, while allowing your body to use it’s energy for healing, rather than ingesting meals.

And remember…never underestimate the power of Rest. As we move into winter, do your best to get 9-9 1/2 hours of sleep each night and only eat during daylight hours. Some call this intermittent fasting.

For more simple tips like this on using herbs and food as medicine, check out my book, Take Back Your Body.