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Tendon Trouble? New to me herb…Soloman Seal

This is a follow-up to my last post about a misdiagnosed hernia which is actually an inflamed inguinal tendon. After two weeks of daily 20-minute poultices of comfrey leaf mixed with bentonite clay, the inflammation continued to decrease–and then decreased to almost nothing with the addition of one simple plant, Solomon Seal.  Steamboat Springs…

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“Surgery is your only solution” – rarely!

Many clients who have come to see me as an herbalist/health coach repeat a similar story; after a quick diagnosis, their doctor has informed them that “surgery is your only solution”.  But they, like me, have enough concerns about infections (including MRSA), scar tissue complications and plain old mistakes, in a potentially life-threatening situation,…

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Chronic vs. Acute

As you might guess, I do my best to stay away from antibiotics-but  when a hangnail picked up a staph infection and turned into this in 18 hours, I was happy to use them after a 25-year break! The D.O. I went to at Steamboat Medical Group tried to help me avoid having it…

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Ankles and Feet and Toes–Oh, My!

While in Montreal for a recent teacher training, I was horrified to learn how much I have been gripping my toes–especially while performing Essentrics® moves like kicks and side-to-side movements. Now that I’m working on releasing my toes more and pressing into the three points (two under the sole; one under the heel) under each…

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Vitamin D–Sun, Food or Pills?

Low Vitamin D? You may not need synthetic pills made in a laboratory which is usually all the doctors suggest when you show up low in Vitamin D on a blood test. Before deciding for yourself, consider this list of possible side effects from taking a supplement:   Kidney stones. Confusion or disorientation. Muscle…

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Midwest ESSENTRICS™ Getaway

Check out this YouTube video on my first ever workshop to combine Essentrics classes and interactive sessions on the best uses for herbal medicine. What could be better than a weekend of  ESSENTRICS™ classes taught by three fully-certified Level 4 Essentrics instructors in a beautiful place? One that also includes breakout sessions on various health…

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Dandelion, Your Backyard Herbal Remedy

Dandelion has the reputation for thwarting any attempt to kill it–including highly toxic chemicals. So it makes sense it would be the perfect herb for your body to help ward off chemicals, too.  “Detoxing” is popular in the spring but rather than a long fast, I suggest the gentle detoxification of dandelion in a…

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Your 2nd Heart

I’m just about to send out a newsletter; are you on the list? This one is about the science behind why many physicians refer to your calf muscles as the “second heart”. I have a link for you with all the medical details,  but here are the basics. When you work out the calf…

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Susan has been a certified yoga instructor since 2000 and has been teaching students of all ages and skill levels ever since. In 2012, Susan became certified to teach Essentrics classes. Essentrics helps to strengthen your muscles by lengthening them through a combination of tai chi, yoga and ballet movements.

Have you heard of Classical Stretch, a very popular TV show with Miranda Esmonde-White, showing on PBS for the past 15 years? Essentrics is the same thing, offered in one-hour live classes right here in Steamboat Springs!

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