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Essentrics Teacher Training in Montreal

Being in Montreal for 12 days of Essentrics training was a great adventure, exploring both the city and how my body responded to this intense, yet fun and highly informative, training.  I continue to be impressed with how healing it can be to lengthen and strengthen muscles simultaneously–using no other weights than our own…

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Yampatika and Elder Berry Tincture

One of the local organizations I am passionate about is Yampatika, a non-profit that promotes environmental education for adults and children. Not long ago, we had our biggest fundraiser, the Wild Edible Feast. One of my contributions was Elder Berry Cordial which is super good for immune support and 100% delicious! First, you make…

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Lessons from India–The Taj Mahal

Essentrics Stretch

My recent trip to India was filled with stories and lessons that all unfolded when I was “in the flow” instead of having the illusion I was in control.  It was easier since I knew that 2 1/2 in weeks in India would include many things, but no control whatsoever. Why is the Taj Mahal…

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Susan has been a certified yoga instructor since 2000 and has been teaching students of all ages and skill levels ever since. In 2012, Susan became certified to teach Essentrics classes. Essentrics helps to strengthen your muscles by lengthening them through a combination of tai chi, yoga and ballet movements.

Have you heard of Classical Stretch, a very popular TV show with Miranda Esmonde-White, showing on PBS for the past 15 years? Essentrics is the same thing, offered in one-hour live classes right here in Steamboat Springs!

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