Saying Goodbye…



After three months of email challenges, I’ve come across something much tougher:  saying goodbye to my darling kitty-cat, Maggie, on September 18th, 2013.  She taught me a lot during her 17 years on the planet, but I think she may have taught me even more after her spirit/energy left this planet.  She’s teaching me how to grieve, a key component to being able to handle aging.  And life.

She also taught me to slow down; the last few years she would literally meow next to my bed or the sofa as a way to ask me to stretch out–so that she could stretch out right on top of me.  And it’s funny…she always seemed to know when I was stressing needlessly and needed to slow down.

Maggie had a good buddy, Max, my sister’s Burnese/Lab mix who might just have been the love of Sarah’s life.  Max had to leave us just two weeks before Maggie did and I swear our two beloved animals have brought sister Sarah and I closer together; a blessing at any stage of life.

If you didn’t see the little movie I made of Maggie Memories on Facebook, here it is, with all kinds of love and gratitude for our furry friends: