“Surgery is your only solution” – rarely!

Many clients who have come to see me as an herbalist/health coach repeat a similar story; after a quick diagnosis, their doctor has informed them that “surgery is your only solution”.  But they, like me, have enough concerns about infections (including MRSA), scar tissue complications and plain old mistakes, in a potentially life-threatening situation, to search for other solutions.  Even when they’ve been told that surgery is the *only* solution. It rarely is.

After several months of watching an odd-looking lump on my pubis, I asked for my doctor’s thoughts.  Upon conducting a brief exam–and no suggestions re: confirmation of the diagnosis–she said it was a hernia and gave me the names of two local surgeons. I promptly did some research (which did not include surgeons), and while waiting for an appointment with my PT (physical therapist) to get a different viewpoint, started a daily comfrey/betonite clay poultice. This picture is of my “queen of the garden” whom I have transplanted several times when moving.

By the time I visited my PT several days later, the lump was reducing.  And then…my trusted PT informed me that I did not have a hernia, but instead an inflamed inguinal tendon.  He gave me an exercise to do, in addition to Essentrics, and I am on my way–without surgery.

This is why I suggest in Chapter Three of Take Back Your Body to create your own health team, rather than relying on one person to have all the answers.  Your best doctor is actually you, though you likely will also have a physician of some sort on that health team. And given the potential consequences of surgery, I suggest it be reserved as a last resort–unless you’re in an emergency situation.