The Ultimate Nourishing: Gestation

Could you nurture yourself like you can your child?

The Ultimate Nurturing:


The most amazing moment of my life is still the moment my daughter entered it, and Miranda’s nearly 36. I had limited knowledge of nurturing when I was pregnant, but I did know it was the most important time of my life for self-care.

Do you know someone who is pregnant or trying to become pregnant? I have a long-time client and friend who is pushing 40, recently married and hoping to sustain a healthy pregnancy resulting in a healthy baby. Since I’m offering her some tips, I thought I would also share them with you.

There is much that can be done both before and after conception to create and sustain a healthy pregnancy, naturally:

  • To get pregnant, in addition to ‘making space’ for the baby, I learned from Susun Weed to encourage the consumption of red clover infusion which has positive side effects like improved skin and nails plus helping to prevent cancer. This is one of the four plants I consume rregularly as a mineral-rich herbal infusion.
  • This is the ultimate time to nurture yourself through diet; historically, organ meats were reserved for pregnant women and elders, as a prized part of traditional nutrition. Check the labels of ready-made pate carefully to insure there are no vegetable oils added.
  • If progesterone is recommended to sustain a pregnancy after a history of miscarriage, I recommend Vitex tincture rather than anything synthetic; check with your HCP about what’s right for *you*.
  • Raspberry leaf tea is especially helpful for strengthening uterine muscles for a successful birth, without a lot of intervention.
  • Gentle exercise and stretching with Essentrics TV is highly recommended to stay mobile and strong throughout your pregnancy and beyond.
Self-Care through Stretching

Self-Care through Stretching

In addition to these commonsense tips, I have a colleague who is a trusted midwife who has recently started a  company devoted to young moms and moms-to-be; you may want to check out

And with the holidays around the corner, be sure to put Self Care, including daily Essentrics, high on your list of to’do’s.