‘Tis the Season…To Take it Up a Notch

tgiv-ingdinnertableIt all starts with Halloween–or in my case, October 15th with birthday celebrations.  And if we don’t consciously choose otherwise, the slippery slope through U.S. Thanksgiving, Hannakuh, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Kwanza can pack on the weight, leaving us feeling packed into our clothes, fatigued and often sick more often throughout the winter from becoming addicted to sugar. And trust me, it is an addiction–one that many processed ‘food’ manufacturers encourage.

Two Tips to Take it Up a Notch

In my opinion, sugar is much more of a drug than marijuana since the latter appears to have few or no symptoms of withdrawal, even from heavy users. Yet socially, sugar is so ubiquitous in our culture’s food and beverages that you often have to ask specially for something “without sugar or any other sweeteners” because the fake stuff is just as bad.

Start now to stay healthy and slim this winter by replacing the sugar jar with a jar of raw honey mixed with raw apple cider vinegar you keep on the kitchen counter. I like 50/50, but if your nose wrinkled in disgust when you read vinegar, start with a small amount of vinegar added or just the raw honey (local, if possible) by the teaspoon or half-teaspoon.  I dare you to crave sweets after staying present and grateful while allowing a bit of raw honey to melt in your mouth.

Group ClassesMy second tip is to take your exercise routine up a notch. If you are watching an episode of Classical Stretch on PBS 1-2 days a week, make an intention to get it in daily–and feel free to strut a bit (with that awesome posture you will have)  when you get in a 22-minute workout 4-5 days/week. Are you lucky enough to have live ESSENTRICS™ classes with me or someone else close by?  There is quite the array of choices in Steamboat Springs now with 9 classes happening weekly with 3 different instructors in 3 different locations.  For those lucky enough with a live instructor in close proximity, I encourage you to dial up how often you attend–and work in 22 minutes of CS in between often. No ESSENTRICS™ instructor close by? Consider becoming one yourself and take your workout life to a higher level, as well as giving your brain a workout with the study of anatomy, the CNS (Central Nervous System) and a host of other fascinating systems of the self-healing machines we call the human body.  Essentrics.com provides information on the lightening-fast-growth of ESSENTRICS™ instructors worldwide, plus the details on the 4 levels of certification.

Recently certified Level 3 which emphasizes therapeutics and the science of stretching, I am now working on Level 4 to learn more specifics on how I can support serious athletes and their common stretching limimations.  I admit to being self-centered when choosing to teach Essentrics; I knew it would kick me in the bum to be and stay in the best shape possible as the years, and hopefully decades, pass.  For pass they will.  All of us are “aging”, but to actually be able to slow down the rate of muscle mass loss as we do is nearly a miracle to this 58-year-young woman–but you must move every muscle most days to achieve that.  Small price to pay considering side effects like…it’s fun and makes you walk with a spring in your step to your next activity.  Keep moving!