When It’s Time To Let Go…of Life

As a non-fiction writer,  I have a great appreciation for those who write fiction.  It sounds overwhelmingly difficult to me!  While reading one of my favorite authors recently, Alice Hoffman, I came across a great paragraph which makes me think about what I often say to those who appear to be dying; curing may or may not be an option–but healing is always possible!

AliceHoffman-bookcoverThis passage is in reference to an older man’s long-time love for a dying woman. I hope you like the following quote as much I do from The Probable Future:

“He knew that attachments were for the living, and so he did the honorable thing.  He let her go.  He leaned close so she would hear him say it was all right for her to leave him.  They knew it was now; they could feel something shift the way it always did.  Even Argus (her dog), who’d been whimpering, grew quiet.  It was not a dream, but something more.  She breathed out, and inside that one breath was every word that had been spoken, every step she had taken, everyone she had ever loved.”

Blessed Be…