My love of words and writing dates back to my childhood in 1960’s Western Nebraska, when I’d often find solace in books and writing poetry. Journaling became a lifelong friend, as well as a form of self-therapy when life presented its inevitable challenges.

Shortly after establishing my practice as a Master Herbalist in 1996, it became clear to me that there would be a limited number of clients I could assist individually along their path toward healthier living. This sparked the idea for the creation of a monthly newsletter mailed to clients and others upon request. The newsletter later morphed into an electronic version to minimize the environmental impact and make it easier for interested readers to absorb quickly. Now known as “Susan’s Simple Tips”, this e-newsletter focuses on using old-fashioned common sense from Grandma, while keeping you current on the latest health issues–and sometimes-questionable treatments. If you would like to subscribe to my free e-newsletter, click here.

In addition to my own newsletter, I have contributed articles to The Healing Path, Health Central News, Herbs for Health and others who promote simple and effective healing without automatically turning to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. I am always open to freelance work on a wide range of topics. Click here for more information.

It took several years of writing newsletters, articles and jotting down simple health tips before I seriously began considering including them in a book. Originally titled Simplify Your Health, I started rough drafts of what would later become Take Back Your Body in 1999. After many caring revisions, assistance from a great book shepherd, editor, layout editor and many other valued team-members, I received the first shipment of my newly published book in 2009.

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This is what readers are saying about Susan Mead’s newly-released book, Take Back Your Body:


Dear Ms. Mead,

My name is Vicki Dean and my daughter Darbi gave me your book for Christmas.  It is wonderful.  I couldn’t put it down.  You have simplified everything my mother tried to drill into our heads for years.  I guess sometimes it’s easier to listen to someone else.  I would like to receive your newsletter.  I even got a three ring binder to put them in.  I would be honored if you used my email as a quote. Thank you for a better life.

Thank you.

Vicki Dean

Susan, Take Back Your Body is a terrific collection of your wisdom shared with all of us!  Thank you.  I appreciate your pithy, punchy, provocative style that keeps my attention while the timely tips keep coming!  For some reason today I really resonated with not needing to wash and clean so much.  That is a time saver and helps all of us be more present and less perfectionistic. Take Back Your Body will now join Anatomy of the Spirit and Dr. Oz’s Owners Manual as a consistent reference for staying healthy.

Thanks again,

Johnna Bavoso 

Dear Susan,

Your book Take Back Your Body is AWESOME!!!

Loving it!  Bravo!

It is so usable. Refreshing!

So you! Authentic!!!

Women every where, and of all ages, will benefit from it!

-Marsha Sage


I’ve been loving your book–thank you so much for simplifying health care, and making everything easier to accomplish that I’ve know for years I should be doing–well done!  I also want you to know that your presentation to the Colorado Group Insurance Association was incredibly well-received;  I’ve had several people say you were the best speaker we’ve ever had–fun, funny, down-to-earth, and full of great ideas to get healthy on a budget.  Thank you so much for all you do to keep busy Americans from giving up on a healthier lifestyle.

Sheryl Briles-Thomson
Wellpoint, Inc.
Anthem Blue Cross Insurance

Dear Susan, 

Congratulations on your fabulous new book, Take Back Your Body! I picked up a lot of new information, and thought you had a practical and helpful twist on the reminders you offer about what we already know–but often feel too overwhelmed to do for ourselves.  The best part was learning how funny you can be as a writer; it felt like we were just chatting over a cup of tea while you offered your snippets of wisdom.

Every part of your book spoke to me.  Thanks for being so authentic and honest.  You are truly an amazing woman.

Lauri Pointer, HTCP
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner & Instructor

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