Ankles and Feet and Toes–Oh, My!

While in Montreal for a recent teacher training, I was horrified to learn how much I have been gripping my toes–especially while performing Essentrics® moves like kicks and side-to-side movements. Now that I’m working on releasing my toes more and pressing into the three points (two under the sole; one under the heel) under each foot, my balance is improving and…the “hammertoes” I’ve been worried about forming are going away. Given that my 85-year-old mother has a couple toes that look like a bone is about to pop out, this is  exciting news for me.

Have you ever noticed that the shape used in bridges is an arch? That’s because it provides the strongest foundation. The same is true for our feet; the arch provides a strong foundation for your whole body–when stretched and strengthened properly.  One helpful tip, according to Christiane Northrup, M.D. is to walk barefoot as often as possible–and if you’re thinking about orthotics…think again! Multiple physical therapists agree with me that they only serve to act as a crutch, locking your feet up even more. And the scrunching of toes leads to tension in the feet and often, an imbalance in your ankles.

Instead, commit to a daily Essentrics® workout since we stretch and strengthen every one of your 650 muscles in each class. Can’t join me for live classes? There are lots of great workouts available at where you can sign up for an inexpensive Wi-Fi option to access a workout anytime/anywhere. They even have short workouts just for your feet or hands you can add on to a full Essentrics workout. The results include less pain, more energy, creating a strong foundation for your whole body and … a spring in your step when you walk!

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