Computer issues, daughter getting married in Seattle in June, moving both house and office a few weeks ago–all add up to a long time with no blog or newsletter.  But no longer apologizing for things beyond my control is part of my … Transformation.

Today I am celebrating the two wonderful “Medicine Cards” I pulled to help set some intentions for our new home: the butterfly and the elk.  As the representative of transformation, the butterfly is perfect for our big move; the visual of the caterpillar creating a cocoon around itself and literally transforming into a butterfly is perfect.  And I knew the elk represents stamina which is quite fitting for a move–but when I took the time to actually read the message on the elk card, it revealed a lot more.

The elk spend most of their time with those of their own gender; the cows hanging out together and bulls spending most of their time in bachelor herds until mating time. Ironically, just the day before I pulled those two cards, I had spent some meditation time at the “entrance” to a large window well, made of boulders just outside my new office.  While there I had a vision pop into my head of a small group of women having regular gatherings in that “circle of stones” to celebrate passages, share ideas and dream big dreams (but I’m over “goal-setting”).

During this same time frame, I came across not one, not two, but three different garter snakes on various trails I often walk on here in Steamboat–and the snake also represents transformation with the shedding of its skin.  I hardly ever remember coming across a snake on a local trail before and though you could chalk that up to weather patterns, I see it as…no coincidence.

Maybe I will figure out pictures for the next post–but first, off to Amsterdam for more Essenttics training!