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Let Susan E. Mead, Master Herbalist, show you how…

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Susan E. Mead, your guide and mentor.Learn how to release extra weight, lower blood pressure,mitigate hot flashes, lessen allergy symptoms, reduce your need for antibiotics and enhance your immune system…plus so much more!Health Care… to Self Care Pharmaceutical Drugs… to Using Food as MedicineA customer testimonial

  • Over-reliance on Technology… to Listening to Your Body
  • Being Couch Potato Carol… to Active Annie
  • Sleepless and Stressed-Out… to Sleeping Peacefully

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After an active 20 years in the business world, Susan E. Mead received her Master Herbalist certification from The Artemis Institute in Boulder, CO in 1996. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (1980) and certification as a yoga instructor (2000).Blending these skills and experiences, Susan is dedicated to helping others heal through her writing, speaking and individual work with clients. She maintains her own herbal dispensary of approximately 180 herbs, providing custom blends of both Chinese and Western plants. Susan is a member of the Herb Research Foundation, the American Herbalists’ Guild, and The Weston Price Foundation.

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  • Take Back Your Body is loaded with practical health care ideas. Identified throughout are Susan’s Simple Tips … she will show you how to truly Take Back Your Body – simply and inexpensively.
  • Billions of dollars are spent each year by a naïve public seeking alternatives to expensive pharmaceuticals with negative side effects.
  • The effective and cost-saving way to stay healthy and well is through prevention; yet too few healthcare providers are trained to put common sense into practice.

Take Back Your Body – from what?A copy of Take Back Your Body

    • From Pharmaceutical Companies more interested in profits than healing.
    • From the Health Care Industry which seems to be more interested in curing (which is often very expensive) than prevention (which is often free).
    • From overworked physicians who often rely on bulleted brochures from the drug companies as their only continuing education.
    • From the Food Industry which is allowed by the FDA to include legal poisons in pre-packaged food.
    • From the Media which rarely mentions who paid for, and possibly prejudiced, the latest study.
    • From Health Insurance companies who can bankrupt you by denying claims after you’ve paid premiums for decades.
    • From a culture too dependent on testing and technology to pay attention to Grandma’s uncommon common sense.

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You Rarely Need Drugs, Gimmicks or Expensive Medical Treatments

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Susan is dedicated to giving back from a place of gratitude.
Therefore, 10% of the profits from this book are split between two organizations:

  • Child Safe is a non-profit organization devoted to helping children and adults heal from childhood sexual abuse. Susan was the first board member of this great organization and served for 10 years. If you would like to make your own contribution, please go to
  • United Plant Savers’ mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat, while ensuring a renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. Check out their website at to get involved or make a donation.

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