When It’s Time To Let Go…of Life

As a non-fiction writer,  I have a great appreciation for those who write fiction.  It sounds overwhelmingly difficult to me!  While reading one of my favorite authors recently, Alice Hoffman, I came across a great paragraph which makes me think about what I often say to those who appear to be dying; curing may or…

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Keep Moving!

Back Pain

Moving too fast without proper warm-up got me in trouble yesterday; I had the mother of all back spasms that made my cry out in pain every minute or more regardless of whether I was moving or stationary.   First, I did 30 minutes of gentle Essentrics stretches and even that was too much for…

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December Daze

How do you feel at this point in December? Relieved? Exhausted? A bit depressed due to another New Year’s Eve alone or with way too many “over-imbibed” people? Time for serious self-care. I have no complaints about spending the first 8 days of December in Jamaica for more Essentrics training (a retreat for some, training…

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