Sweet Cravings Solutions

First and foremost, let go of the guilt! It’s completely natural to want something sweet at times, given that your very first food (mother’s milk) is incredibly sweet.  However…as fall approaches, this is the time of year to limit summertime carbs and start getting more sleep as the days grow shorter. When you start those two practices in September, it feel natural to sleep more and eat fewer carbohydrates–especially sugar.  Here are some of my favorite tips for curbing sugar cravings:

  1. Sugar cravings often indicate lack of quality fat and/or protein in your diet so use a no-judgement food diary to determine if upping either or both might be helpful.
Red Clover blossoms

Red Clover Blossoms – great wild food and one of my favorites for infusions

2. Add 1-3 cups per day of an herbal infusion that will do a whole lot more for you than ease sugar cravings by providing more minerals.  Choosing from red clover, nettles, oat straw or comfrey leaf eliminates the need for those expensive supplements, most of which are byproducts of industry.

3. Wait as late in the day as possible before succumbing to your cravings; starting the day with a gooey cinnamon roll usually spells nutritional disaster.  But if you can wait to enjoy a sweet treat until after dinner, that will keep your daily sugar consumption to a minimum–especially if you don’t drink beverages that contain sugar or sugar substitutes.

4. When you’re going to enjoy your favorite sweet, do what the French do; take half of the quantity you really want and see if half will satisfy you.  If you still want more, after 10-15 minutes, take half of the desired amount again.  And be sure to enjoy every bite without distractions!

Apple cider vinegar and local honey; perfect for curbing cravings.

5. For a natural nutrient boost and digestive aid that will greatly help reduce your cravings, keep a small jar of local, raw honey mixed up to  50% with raw apple cider vinegar and take a spoonsful before each meal and also whenever one of those cravings hits.

I happen to adore chocolate; when I’m going to indulge, I want the best quality possible and zero distractions. When you use a sweet treat as a meditation, learning to be completely present with the joy it brings you, a few bites will be all it takes to satisfy you.  For more information about using herbs and food as medicine, check out my book, Take Back Your Body.