Essentrics Schedule + Weight Rebalancing

My New Year’s Intentions include:

Weighing myself weekly

Last winter, I put on 14 pounds after going to several months without weighing myself and getting addicted to sugar again which is so easy!   In my past, I’ve obsessed with weighing myself more than once a day which is not healthy either. Once a week on each weekend seems like a good middle path.

Just say NO to Sugar & HFCS

Sugar is more addictive than heroin; when you let it in, it’s so easy to consume it daily. The key is not to buy it. If it’s in the house, I’ll eat it    Read your ingredient lists carefully and when a craving hits, 1 teaspoon raw honey does the trick. Or… take a few drops of gymnema tincture to make sugar taste nasty. (this is a great herb for anyone trying to keep blood sugar levels down).

Daily Essentrics

It takes a combination of regular exercise and predominately healthy and whole food choices to keep our weight balanced.  In a recent Discover Essentrics workshop, I was asked if our program is contraindicated if you also like to lift weights, run, cycle, etc   Quite the opposite is true; doing daily Essentrics to rebalance my body helps me be to be able to ski, hike and enjoy life to the fullest.

January Essentrics in Steamboat Springs

Mondays @ 10 – Essentrics Toning with Susan

Tuesdays @ 10 – Essentrics Stretch with Terry

Wednesdays @ 3 – Essentrics Apres Ski with Susan

Thursdays @ 10 Essentrics Stretch with Terry

Fridays @ 10 – Essentrics Toning with Susan