Making Wise Choices

I know very little about astrology, but in my experience over the last 20 years since I was introduced to the concept of Mercury being in Retrograde, I have noticed some validity to the standard advice on this issue: minimize entering into a contract, buying or firing up a new computer or software program, and travel. This last period of Mercury being in Retrograde was January 21-Feburary 11 (yesterday) and I was tested many times–but the good news is that none of it is life-threatening.  Just inconvenient.  Like being without my computer for 2 weeks, having a flight back to Steamboat cancelled, having the navigation system go away (uh…free trial is temporary!) in my new car as I made my way to a downtown Denver hotel I hadn’t been to before, at the same time that my phone went haywire on zoom.  And I somehow didn’t have an old-fashioned map in in my new car.  Lesson learned; never rely completely on technology.SMWJWedding1-22-99

This is why, at the risk of having my dear daughter think I was cuckoo, I implored her to choose a wedding date that was *not* during a time frame when Mercury is in Retrograde, which tends to happen for a few weeks 2-3 times/year. Even if you don’t believe in it, with something like a wedding–inherently vulnerable to screw-ups–why take any chances? This picture is of my third wedding and it *has* been the charm, I’m happy to say! Maybe because our young adult children were the only guests. Webb and I both lived in Fort Collins and woke up to a foot of beautiful snow on the ground–then the sun came out for our ceremony at Wild Lane Bed & Breakfast in Loveland (CO). I told Webb that the ride might occasionally be wild–but never boring. 😉